On Thursday 31st August 2017 the Windsor Park community gathered to discuss euthanasia in light of the End of Life Choice bill being drawn from parliament's ballot recently. We heard presentations from three Windsor Park members qualified to speak into this subject before discussing it in small groups. This is part of our process of forming a response to this subject that might inform discussions we have in public and in private. The presentations are below:

  • Dr John Tucker (Lecturer in Church History and Homiletic's at Carey Baptist College) gave a historical perspective of euthanasia. His slides are here.
  • Dr Myk Habets (Lecturer in Applied Theology and Ethics at Carey Baptist College) spoke about the theological perspectives of euthanasia. His slides are here.
  • Dr Andy Wearn (Associate Professor at The Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences of Auckland University) spoke about euthanasia from a medical perspective. His slides are here.
  • An article available on the evening written by Dr Jason Goroncy (Lecturer in Systematic Theology at Whitley College, Melbourne), published in the Pacifica journal, is here.

The audio's of each speaker can be found here (click on their name): Dr John Tucker, Dr Myk Habets and Dr Andy Wearn.

Here are some links and information related to making a submission to parliament's select committee by 20th February 2018:

No to assisted suicide website, click here

Family First's website, click here.

Family First's information brochure, click here.

The Submission Form for the select committee, click here.

The suggested wording for submissions, click here.