young adults

Are you aged between 18 and 30(ish) and wondering where you fit? 

Those years can be a somewhat confusing and frustrating period of life and for some, quite an isolating experience, 

BUT it’s also a period of life that’s filled with incredible potential for significant transformation. 

Whether you are just at the start of your young adult years or coming to the end, you’re welcome at Windsor Park. 

You’ll find communities of other people facing similar experiences and feeling the same way you do. 

Through a smorgasbord of involvement opportunities you’ll be able

to connect with others who are at a similar age and stage of life

– there are communities that: do life together; serve together; pray together; hang out together; grow spiritually together; 

have a missional focus together and celebrate and worship God together. 

We get together at Windsor Park's Sunday evening service at 6.30pm,

in small groups during the week and in serving teams in various ways.

Check us out on Facebook.

If you want to know more, contact Pastor Andy Doncaster on 477-0002 or email him here.