Connect with God; Glorify God.

Windsor Park is an environment that encourages creativity. 

We do this through our Worship and our Media & Arts Team.


We want to enable people to touch the heart of God giving Him the worship He deserves. 

We resource Sunday services at both our campuses and at different events in the life of Windsor Park.


Are you musical? Are you arty? Do you like drama? Do you like to dance? Do you love writing? Are you creative? 

Are you interested in multimedia? We want to talk to you! 

Contact our Worship Curator, Jo Cheyne on 477-0002 or email her

and she'll direct you in the right direction.


Click here to read Windsor Park's worship philosophy.

Click here to read the e-book: CreativeMatters.

If you're part of the team, check out the serving roster by linking to the worship team online 'portal' here.

AJ Binnie, one of our Worship leaders, has come out with an Acoustic EP entitled Simply Worship

which is now available on iTunes here.