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Sharing our stories isn't only powerful, it's essential. In Acts, Jesus sends his followers into the world to bear witness to the ways in which they’ve seen God at work both in their lives and in the world around them. They aren’t asked to be persuasive or compelling, instead Jesus simply asks them to go tell the stories of what they’ve seen and experienced. As they do, incredible things begin to happen. One story leads to another and another and another - opening up a world of endless possibility. So what’s your story? How have you seen the power of the resurrection at work in your life? Click on the 'your story' tab below and let us know some of your story. We'll keep your story confidential, but it will be an encouragement to others. And here are some real stories that we've received:

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A God of Comfort

I would like to share my own experience of God reaching down to mere me. Exactly this time last year my life was amazing - I was high on life. Everything was perfect, my family, my health, my job. I remember walking along Mairangi Bay Beach feeling so happy and thinking things couldn't be better but I was about to be blindsided. One Sunday after church I raced home because I wanted to go visit my Dad who lived in Torbay. I had made him some pumpkin soup to take with me. That night I was going to the musical Annie with my friend and we were taking our mums and daughters. Dad and I would communicate a lot by text during the week with a visit in the weekend. He would mostly pop in to see us because he was always out, in fact he had a better social life than we did, always telling us the hottest places to eat out. So I wasn't too concerned when he didn't answer my text messages telling him I was coming over as I thought he'd gone out walking or gone into the city to listen to his beloved jazz music somewhere. I tried a few more times to reach him but then it was quickly time to get ready to go and see Annie. I rang him before we went to our seats and again at intermission, thinking he must have left his phone at home wherever he was. After the show had ended about 9pm I was getting worried and as soon as we got home I drove over to his house, praying all the way that he was ok. When I saw his car in the driveway I felt like I had been kicked in the guts. I walked to the front door and rang him again, but this time I could see the illumination of his phone ringing against the window in his room. Dad had passed away in his sleep. He was never sick and he had always been active. I had never seen him sick in bed. Ever. The week before we had gone for a walk together and he was complaining that his friends walked too slowly. He was an eccentric but gentle man. I was a complete mess as we had been very close. One night I was awake and crying and I remember thinking that I will never again feel my Dad’s hand stroking my head because that's what he would do to comfort me. It was quite devastating to realise that. On the Sunday after his funeral I wanted to go to church mostly to thank God for his life. We arrived a bit late and worship had started. I tried to sing but I couldn't because there was no sound in my voice. Tears were streaming down my face the entire church service and when it ended I made a quick exit to collect the kids. A woman who had been sitting in the pew in front of me came to find me. She said she wanted to pray for me and took me into the prayer room. She sat down and told me when we arrived that she felt a huge sadness within me, then she told me that God wanted to stroke my head!!!!! I was stunned and absolutely amazed that our great God, creator of heaven and earth reached down to comfort me. It stuns me. And I'm so thankful. It has sustained me over and over. Thank you amazing gracious God

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