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Beyond The Walls is purpose driven mission both in Aotearoa New Zealand and across our world that we support both financially and in prayer. We support a collective of missions and missionaries as they work to bring the hope, joy, peace and love of Jesus to their communities. Ranging from sports chaplaincy to child sponsorship, supporting organisations that are creating employment opportunities and freedom from sex trafficking, to supporting children through their parents separation or divorce, the various ministries that make up our Beyond The Walls collective all work to bring positive change to their communities, and we're proud to sponsor them! Check out our current Beyond The Walls missions and missionaries below:

global sports chaplaincy

Global Sports Chaplaincy provides pastoral care and support to sports communities across our world by identifying, training, appointing and guiding Sports Chaplains who are available as volunteers to serve these teams at all levels. Sports Chaplains  provide free, accessible pastoral care, support and mentoring to athletes, staff officials and their whānau on site and at the point of need irrespective of religion, lifestyle and beliefs. The effect of Sports Chaplains placed in sports communities has improved mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing leading to better people, better lives, better outcomes and better communities. Sports Chaplains are not sports psychologists, replacements for player welfare officers or trained counsellors, Sports Chaplains act as first responders to assist people in need to professional services. Some of the services Sports Chaplains provide are: Grief, loss and bereavement support; Critical incident response and recovery; Life-skills mentoring; Mental wellbeing support; Suicide awareness and intervention; Home and hospital visitations; Transitions in life and career guidance and support.

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Auckland Northland Regional Ecumenical Tertiary Chaplaincy Trust Board

The Auckland Northland Regional Ecumenical Tertiary Chaplaincy Trust Board ministers to paid and voluntary chaplains in tertiary institutions in Auckland and Northland, offering support where we can. The voluntary Board is made up of about 15 members with some Christian academics and various religious backgrounds. The treasurer works for Carey Baptist College. Our income is provided by the support of a few churches. From the budget for this year it is used for such things as national meetings, support for newly established Northtec chaplain, hospitality allowance for chaplains, regional training and conference expenses. We meet at least 4 times a year and some business is carried out by email, and during COVID by Zoom. George Seber is one of the chaplains, who is a retired Professor of Statistics, a Counsellor and Supervisor, and he is a representative of the Baptists. When at Auckland University he was on various chaplaincy boards and also Laidlaw’s Academic Advisory Board for about 20 years.


west bengal, india

Joyya is committed to catalysing the transformation of communities in West Bengal, India, where people are oppressed and disadvantaged by extreme poverty and exploitation. We believe that access to education plays a vital role in long-term and sustainable changeOur Child Sponsorship Programme was established by Freeset and, for many years, has supported some of the most vulnerable children of the organisation’s employees. In 2021, as Freeset ends, these children will continue to be supported through Joyya’s educational initiatives. Increasingly, Joyya will be expanding the programme to include any child who is living in one of the four communities in which we are based (Dhuliyan, Khal Par, Ram Bagan and Sonagachi). We seek to increase the capacity of each child by connecting them to the educational intervention that best meets their needs and develops their potential. Examples of educational intervention include:  Helping children access the best local government schools; Assisting families to buy books and uniforms; Supporting a child to access hostel-based education when the home environment is unsafe. We are committed to these children for the duration of their schooling. We are currently committed to approximately 40 children, but our vision is to build a programme that enables every child in our four communities to benefit from a good education. We are also developing pathways to specialist education facilities for children demonstrating exceptional potential or exceptional need. Upon completion of schooling, we are working to establish a scholarship scheme to see young women and men pursuing further education at reputed colleges and universities. Through our Child Sponsorship programme, we believe that the cycle of poverty and exploitation will be disrupted, and our communities will begin to find release from generational oppression.

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Gayle Van Hoffen manages the Refresh and powerUP programs as part of the Windsor Park LifeCare Trust. She has a passion for supporting single mums and for helping children navigate divorce and separation recovery. Gayle curates warm, friendly and safe spaces for children to navigate their emotions and changes in life, along with a great team of volunteers that she recruits. She also puts on incredibly beautiful Refresh evenings for single mums to have a time out, enjoy a delicious dinner and gather with other single mums in community.

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Andrew SmiTH

SIM's exists to bring the gospel to places where Christ is least known. SIM's has been around for about 130 years, with about 4000 people involved in sharing the gospel all over our world. Andrew Smith, who we support as part of our Beyond The Walls Ministries both financially and through prayer, is an Information Technology Specialist for SIM's. He helps administer and maintain our Office 365 systems and Intranet; plus many other support functions including looking after SIM New Zealand’s IT needs. There are always major and minor projects happening - currently these are upgrades to our financial systems, security (on-going) and personnel databases. There is a fair bit of travel involved as well.

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Chakhesang Baptist Church Council

"We are so thankful to Windsor Park Baptist Church for financial and prayer support. We always feel encouraged by the Church as we take the next step to reach the unreached with the word in Nepal. We are deeply moved by the word of God written in Isaiah 61:1,which says, “ The spirit of the Lord is upon me; because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek…. to proclaim liberty to the captives”.  

Barnabas Ministries work with the local Churches in western Nepal to bring change and hope to local communities. Initially stationed in Pokhara and Kathmandu, they've recently shifted their ministry to Butwal. Once relocated, the District Jail reached out for help to repair the toilet inside the common area (where 200 inmates hang out), which Barnabas donated the funds to do. Because of this they were able to share the message of Jesus Christ with inmates several times, contributing some Nepali Bibles and hymn books to the inmates. Some inmates who accepted the gospel have since organized weekly worship services inside the jail. Barnabas Ministries were also contacted by the Badi community, to help the children of women who have been led to a life of prostitution. They've taught them the gospel and are planning to plant churches in their villages to help bring change and transformation to the community. They are also working to set up two halls as training centres in Butwal to train and equip local leaders to meet the challenges of the community, including correcting the misinformation and treatment of women who are menstruating. During 2020 they were unable to do ministry due to pandemic, however, they they were able to send out two sons to the Badi Village for a program coordinated and communicated by brother Bhim Thapa, the executive manager of Barnabas ministry for western Nepal. They ask that we please uphold them in prayer.


Alan ameye, youth ministry coach

The Northern Baptist Associations key objective is to support churches and pastors so that they are healthy, growing and focused on mission. Our main resource is in our experienced and expert coaching staff. They cover areas of youth, young adults, children & families, finance, multicultural inclusion, as well as more general church issues of pastoral search, pastoral support, conflict resolution and administration. The Association also has specified funds that can be given as small grants or loans to churches. The Baptist Foundation provides grants to Baptist community ministries in the region. It encourages discerning and interpreting the needs and opportunities of God’s gospel activity in a church’s local area. It has resources such as an eldership performance review as well as a pastor review package. Alan Ameye is the Northland Regional Youth Ministry Coach. He and his wife Heather spent thirteen years working for YFC (Youth for Christ) in Wellington before moving to the City of Sails to serve as Youth Pastors for just over 10 years at Windsor Park Baptist Church on the North Shore. Alan has been in his current position for the last 19 years, where he enjoys identifying and observing trends in youth ministry, and endeavours to keep up with new initiatives around the world. He loves sitting with Youth Pastors and hearing their stories over a coffee, (which ironically he doesn’t drink) and supporting them in their ministry.


New zealand

Tandem Ministries (the name for the NZ Ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International) is an interdenominational Christian ministry that seeks to help people reach their world with the good news of Jesus. Our New Zealand field ministries are Student Life (reaching uni students), Athletes in Action (training elite athletes to reach their teams), WorkLife (reaching the business world), Military life (training the military chaplains), FamilyLife (marriage and family ministry), Love your Neighbour (training churches to reach their communities), plus a digital, operations and HR team. We have partnerships in other areas of the world including Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu, PNG, Thailand, East Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, where students, graduates, volunteers, and staff are helping people reach their nation for Christ. Together we can be a part of seeing spiritual movements develop everywhere so that everyone will know someone who is truly following Jesus.

24/7  youth work

Under the umbrella of the Windsor Park LifeCare Trust, and partnering with WPBC and local schools, 24/7 Youth Work is all about prioritising relationships, not programmes, as a way of supporting, encouraging and journeying alongside youth in local schools as they navigate the most forming and transformational years of their lives. We currently have two young adult youth workers placed at Murrays Bay Intermedicate School - Adam and Manaia (pictured above), who have been doing an incredible job journeying alongside intermediates; and as of Term 2 in 2021, we will have 2 youth workers - McKenzie and Luke, placed in Rangitoto College, New Zealand's largest high school, to walk alongside and support high schoolers as they make big life decisions and establish their identity. We're so passionate about the work that our youth workers are doing in these schools, and we encourage you to join with us in prayer over these ministries!

julia grace trust

The Julia Grace Trust encourages and educates around the subject of Mental Wellness, using presenters with personal experience to combine humour, science and scripture to tackle topics of Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Burnout in an easily-understood format, weaving songs, stories and information to seamlessly take each audience on a journey to understanding and supporting their own Mental Wellness. The Julia Grace Trust seeks to challenge the stigma around Mental Wellness issues in Aotearoa. At the moment, the trust is able to subsidise the work of Julia Grace as a key presenter of their aims, in the future they would love to be able to further fund her work and subsidise other presenters of a high standard. To date the trust has: funded or subsidised 15 Mental Wellness Seminars/Workshops; funded or subsidised 25 Keynote Mental Wellness sessions; has been in 22 locations around NZ;  funded or subsidised 4 Online Lockdown Wellness Sessions; funded 2 Online Women’s Wellness Sessions;  funded weekly radio Mental Wellness contributor spot on Rhema media with an audience of 20,000+; funded the creation of free online Mental Wellness resources via Facebook and Instagram; funded Professional Development for a key Presenter (gaining Certificate in Mind

Health Carer);  subsided the creation of Lockdown Online Content, reaching thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram. 

microphoneClick here to check out what the Julia Grace Trust is up to this year.

baptist theological college


The Baptist Theological College (BTC) started as a Bible school by early local Christians on February 15, 1944. Today, it’s a College that offers two courses: a Bachelor of Divinity (BD) degree and a Certificate in Church Music (CCM). BD runs for 4/5 years (depending on the secular degree) and CCM is offered for one year. This year (2020-2021), there are 228 students consisting of 112 women and 116 men. There are 12 faculty and 9 staff members. It’s an international and ecumenical community, represented by 25 people groups from different denominations and countries. It’s a College that believes and promotes the Gospel values of human dignity, mutual respect, and equal opportunity for all members. Apart from curricular education, BTC has various capacity building programs to prepare students for multi-dimensional leadership for both local and global contexts. BTC is privileged to receive financial support towards students’ education from WPBC. We pray that the mission work done “Beyond the Walls” (of WPBC) will yield great reward for the church and great harvest for the ministry of the Gospel. 


CliPaul Windsor is the International Programme Director for Langham Preaching, which is one of the three programmes in a ministry known as Langham Partnership. We exist as a response to the observation that the church around the world, particularly in what is called the Majority World, is growing in numbers very quickly — but it is growth without depth. Under God's hand, ours is a depth ministry, deepening maturity among God's people. The key agent for this task is the word of God and so we are about multiplying the ministries of the Word of God and, while preaching is not the only such ministry, it can be demonstrated that it is a catalyst for these other ministries and so becomes a crucial part of what we do.

In Langham Preaching we are trying to nurture grassroots, heart-language movements of biblical preaching that are locally owned and operated. Until Covid struck there were more than 90 such movements worldwide. They are nurtured by gathering people into annual, weeklong seminars and then scattering them back home into smaller preaching clubs, where they can practice what they've learned, and then equipping some to be local trainers who in concert with the clubs spread and grow the movement locally. Before Covid there were about 1200 clubs and 600 local trainers worldwide. It is important to understand that studies show that something like 80% of preachers in the Majority World will never get near a theological college, like a Laidlaw, or a Carey. They are the people for whom we exist.

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We're passionate and intentional about supporting these people, groups and organisations outside of our walls as they work to bring Jesus to their communities. 


On the third Sunday of every month, as part of our rhythms here at Windsor Park, we take up a Beyond The Walls offering, where all money raised goes directly to support the amazing work that our Beyond The Walls ministries are doing. If you'd like to help us in supporting them, you can give to our Beyond The Walls appeal at anytime via the button below. Simply select the Beyond The Walls drop down appeal.


Thank you for helping us as we continue to support these amazing missions, and the incredible work that they do in communities around our world.

If you feel a nudge to be involved with God's purposes 'beyond the walls' or if you want to help support any of our projects or people, contact us on 09 477 0002 or email us and we'll do coffee.