To really grow in our faith, it’s a lot more than just coming to a

church service on a Sunday. To really grow in our faith, it’s a lot more than

having some friends at church. To grow is to engage. To be intentional. 

To do life and faith, together. It means engaging in relationships, engaging in growing, engaging with Jesus.  


Engaging is taking the initiative yourself, connecting in and going deeper. Engage means action. Engage has purpose. There are so many engage opportunities for you to connect into at Windsor Park. From interest groups to home groups, courses to serving opportunities, ministry groups to Bible studies…and the list goes on. How will you choose to engage today? Check out our engage opportunities below to find out more.

Are you keen to explore Christianity? Maybe you want to know a bit more about this Jesus fella' and find out what he's all about? You might be keen to come along to one of our Alpha courses! Alpha is series of interactive sessions compiled into a course that explores the basic of the Christian faith. Each session looks at different questions and is designed to create conversation. Alpha is a safe space to explore Christianity, ask questions, participate in discussions and to chat about life's big questions together. Find out more and register to be part of our next Alpha Course below:

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