coming up at windsor park

  • Mid-Winter Link Lunch

    Sunday, 17 June

    Various Homes

    What are Link Lunches?

    They are a way to meet and connect with others from our church family in a relaxed, small group home setting (usually 6 to 10 people) and enjoy a shared lunch together. You can open your home as a host or be welcomed as a guest. Either way, you’re encouraged to contribute to the meal by providing a plate of food to share.  

    How do I get involved?

    You can register for one Link Lunch at a time or commit to more by completing the registration form here or by e-mailing One week before the date of the lunch you will receive confirmation of your registration, followed by a further e-mail confirming the venue, hosts and guests involved.

    This is a fantastic opportunity to grow your sense of belonging and connection to the Windsor Park Baptist Church community. Don’t delay, complete your registration for the next Link Lunch!

  • BELIEVE : Living the Story of the Bible to Become Like Jesus

    Journey with us through 2018 as we follow on from The Story series we explored in 2014.

    How do you think, act, and be like Jesus? Believe is a spiritual growth experience that teaches you key beliefs of the Christian faith, key practices of a Jesus-follower, and key virtues that characterize someone who is becoming more like Jesus by exploring three questions: What do I believe? What should I do? Who am I becoming?

    Visit to resource your BELIEVE journey.