Prayer helps connect us to God and helps God connect with us. At Windsor Park we have a dedicated Prayer Room - look for the beautiful villa door in the Theosart Gallery; it's available for anyone, anytime. We also have a range of opportunities to pray together (in the Prayer Room unless otherwise stated):

  • Sunday mornings @ 9.15am.
  • Sunday evenings from 5.45pm - 6.30pm.
  • Tuesday mornings @ 6.30am - 188 Browns Bay Road. Men praying before work for their work and families.
  • Wednesday mornings @ 10am - praying for our church, pastors and personal breakthroughs.
  • Friday mornings @ 6.30am in the Kowhai Room - praying for the world.
  • Saturday mornings @ 7.30am in the Kowhai Room - men praying for their families.

You can email prayer requests to us and a confidential and dedicated team of people will pray for the situation.