'They all joined together constantly in prayer...' Acts 1:14

We believe in the power of prayer and the power of praying together as a community. On this Prayer Wall are prayer requests and praise reports from within our faith community, and beyond. We encourage you to lift them up in your prayers, and if you or anyone you know would like to be prayed for either by our community or privately by our Prayer Team, scroll below to make your prayer requests known.


My friend has surgery on her oesophagus on Friday 16 Oct. Please pray for a straight forward operation and recovery. Thanks.


Please pray for my son-in-law's mother who is having surgery this morning. She has bowl cancer and had surgery two months ago to remove the tumour and is having further surgery today to remove more layers of the bowl wall.


I just found out a few minutes ago, that one of my few friends here in the US from the dysautonomia support group who has dysautonomia just like I do was sent home by a hospital and sent to hospice to die just because she has pre-existing conditions (dysautonomia) and she got coronavirus. It sounds like the hospitals closest to where she is are overcrowded with coronavirus patients and that's why they weren't treating her. It sounds like they are prioritising who to treat. Most of my friends here are not Christians. I don't want to lose her. It sounds like at least three other people are also begging her not to give up on life and to go to another hospital try try to get help. She is my prayer buddy (and meme buddy since I send her memes to make her laugh) and we agreed that both of us would pray overnight and ask God to show her which hospital to go to by morning and if God showed her, she would go. Please, if anyone sees this, I need you to pray for her too. Coronavirus is treatable. I know dysautonomia has no cure and neither does a lot of the stuff that we have that often is comorbid from this, but if God can use a paraplegic like Joni Ereckson Tada, God can also use people like us who are mostly bedridden except for a few short hours each day. I don't want to believe that God is through with her yet. Her church may have abandoned her when she got too sick to go in person, but she has people who love her, and this lack of people in the Dysautonomia support group who know Jesus will never get better if all the christians die out. Another one of my christian friends in the group has cancer. If I have to keep on fighting through all the medical stuff and living I need them to keep fighting through all the medical stuff and live. God can't be through with her. He just can't be. I need God to do something big. There are too many atheists or people who have given up on God in the dysautonomia support group. We don't need to lose another christian.


Just want to praise our God for this special day that we received confirmation that our NZ citizenship has been granted! We praise God for another affirmation that Aotearoa is where He wants us to be. To God be all glory and God defend New Zealand!


Please can you pray for Andrew who had an accident several years ago while working offshore due to being given wrong medication by Doctors and now suffers from bad anxiety and panic due to nerve damage and spinal in juries. He needs to have a specialist proscribe the right medication but isn't getting much help but we know that our Lord can heal thank oho I all.

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