PRAYER & praise WALL

'They all joined together constantly in prayer...' Acts 1:14

We believe in the power of prayer and the power of praying together as a community. On this Prayer Wall are prayer requests and praise reports from within our faith community, and beyond. We encourage you to lift them up in your prayers, and if you or anyone you know would like to be prayed for either by our community or privately by our Prayer Team, scroll below to make your prayer requests known.


Having problems with my prostate and generally have not been feeling well for past couple of weeks. I have a Urologist appointment in 2 weeks but feel I can't wait that long. Please pray for healing, discernment and an increase to my faith.


As a family we are in desperate need of a financial breakthrough. We are enslaved by historical debt and the figures are daunting like we’ll never get out of it. We have so many urgent needs for our children (clothes, school fees, health assessments) but can’t afford any of it. No matter how careful we are and how hard we work at it the situation remains dire. Pls pray for a financial breakthrough. I’m willing to get an additional job but with covid-19 it seems impossible. I’m broken and have no idea where we’ll go from here. I feel that God is punishing us for our historical financial mistakes because we were wasteful. I am despondent in my faith and desperately seeking answers why we’re not getting any relief. We have repented our wastefulness but to no avail. Where do we go from here it there’s no reprieve ....


For my two boys salvation, they are both doing things that are not of God. The girls that they are involved in, if they are not part of God plan for their lives, that He removes them out of their lives. Please also pray for us as their parents, we worry about them alot, so that makes us stress. That God helps us to worry and stress less. That He is working on them even if we don't feel it or see it. I know God has great plans from them both. I am just praying that they see the light and He unconditional Love for them . Binding satan schemes to take over my boys. I ask this in Jesus's Name. Amen


Please pray for Benji. He is two years old and recently had a liver transplant. His Dad being the donor. Benji is back in hospital and very unwell. Pray for God's intervention and healing touch on his body. Pray also for his parents (Matt & Ash).


Jo's Mum has major ongoing eye infection problems requiring surgery. At 97 we need prayer to handle this plus wisdom to now the right action and for the medical staff involved.


Here at Windsor Park we’re big believers that there is power in prayer! We believe that prayer helps connect us to God and helps God connect with us. If you would like us to pray with you, we encourage you to send in a prayer request by filling in the form below. All prayer requests are received and prayed for in confidence by our Prayer Team.

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