'They all joined together constantly in prayer...' Acts 1:14

We believe in the power of prayer and the power of praying together as a community. On this Prayer Wall are prayer requests and praise reports from within our faith community, and beyond. We encourage you to lift them up in your prayers, and if you or anyone you know would like to be prayed for either by our community or privately by our Prayer Team, scroll below to make your prayer requests known.


Please may I ask you all to join me in prayer. My heart feels broken for the recently arrived South African family who find themselves in the midst of a terrible tragedy. I cannot for one minute to try and understand how they are feeling, but I haven’t stopped thinking about them, or praying for them. None of us know what might have happened, but I pray for them and their families as they work through their grief.


Update: John Wanhill - John’s still in Waikato Hospital where they re-inflated his collapsed lung. He’ll be shipped back to Tauranga Hospital later today where they will need to redo the surgery for his broken collarbone which hasn’t held up as well as hoped. Please continue to pray.


Please pray for marriages that are taking strain during lockdown. Also for those going through separation issues. For healing, wisdom, discernment.


Please pray for my step-daughter in South Africa who has a blood clot in her lungs after suffering with a pretty severe case of Covid.


Our sister-in-law, Joy, just passed away this morning. She and her family are in the Philippines. She was only 49. Please pray for comfort, peace, and acceptance for her family in this impossibly tough time—her 80+yo mum (Zeny), our 18yo niece (Danielle), my bro-in-law (Troy), her brother (Lito) who's in Italy and sister (Malou) who's in the US.

Here at Windsor Park we’re big believers that there is power in prayer! We believe that prayer helps connect us to God and helps God connect with us. If you would like us to pray with you, we encourage you to send in a prayer request by filling in the form below. All prayer requests are received and prayed for in confidence by our Prayer Team.

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