'They all joined together constantly in prayer...' Acts 1:14

We believe in the power of prayer and the power of praying together as a community. On this Prayer Wall are prayer requests and praise reports from within our faith community, and beyond. We encourage you to lift them up in your prayers, and if you or anyone you know would like to be prayed for either by our community or privately by our Prayer Team, scroll below to make your prayer requests known.


I have been struggling with depression please pray for me


Please pray for 8 year old Cassie who has been battling lukemia. Treatment has been going well but latest blood tests showed her white cell count is abnormal again. Please pray for healing for Cassie and for peace and strength for her mum.


Please pray for Cushla. That the tightness of her chest will ease and her Dr will know best how to treat her.


Please pray for my friend who is battling anxiety. Pray that God would give her wisdom and supernatural peace. Pray also that God would give her joy in Him. Finally pray that some of my other friends who are battling the same thing would be delivered also.


I would really appreciate it if you could all keep my Mom (Pat) in your prayers. Last year during lockdown her cancer returned in a more aggressive form and sadly chemo has not worked. She has now been diagnosed as terminal. There have been many difficult conversations over the last few weeks with doctors and hospice. Would really appreciate prayers for strength to carry her and our family at this time and God's miraculous healing touch.

Here at Windsor Park we’re big believers that there is power in prayer! We believe that prayer helps connect us to God and helps God connect with us. If you would like us to pray with you, we encourage you to send in a prayer request by filling in the form below. All prayer requests are received and prayed for in confidence by our Prayer Team.

If you want your prayer request posted on our Prayer Wall so others can pray for you:

On the PUBLIC VISIBILITY field below, you can choose 'Hide my name, email, & phone' which will display only your prayer request on the Prayer Wall and none of your other details. However, you can also choose to 'Make everything public' if you wish to.

If you don't want your prayer request posted on our Prayer Wall and just have our Prayer Team pray for you in confidence:

On the PUBLIC VISIBILITY field below, choose 'Make everything private' and your prayer request will just be sent to the Prayer Team.

If you wish to remain anonymous to the Prayer Team:

Your prayer request is sent through to—and ONLY to—our Prayer Team (Church Staff), but you can also remain anonymous even to the Prayer Team should you wish to. On the CHURCH STAFF VISIBILITY field, choose 'Hide my name, email, & phone'.

If you are in need of any additional care support:

Please get in contact with our Care Team at We’re here for you!