Honouring The Past, Acknowledging The Present, Securing The Future

Windsor Park's Endowment Fund helps to ensure that our doors never close and supports the longevity and sustainability of Windsor Parks ministries.

Our History

Windsor Park Baptist Church was established in 1951 to be a witness to God’s presence at work in the East Coast Bays of Auckland’s North Shore - and wider. Constituted as Calvary Baptist Church, the faith and vision of the early congregation saw new buildings established on Beach Road, Murrays Bay, where the church remained until 1995.

Further faith and vision were exercised in 1995 when the congregation agreed to purchase the large site that contained the Windsor Park Tavern and convert it into a church, and Windsor Park Baptist Church evolved from this vision. Since being at the Windsor Park site, the church has continued to have a visionary view through the purchase of a former McDonald’s restaurant and subsequent development of Small Fries Christian Childcare Centre.

Vision and courage have always been the hallmarks of the Windsor Park community evidenced through the growth and development of significant ministries — including the Equip Trust, Windsor Park Hub Limited, and the Windsor Park LifeCare Trust.

Several generations of Windsor Park parishioners have given so much to their church in so many ways. Without their faith and generosity of spirit, Windsor Park Baptist Church would not exist today. The Windsor Park Endowment Fund has been established to help preserve the ongoing vision for the future.

The preservation of our vision into the future is in the hands of those who support the Church today and tomorrow, just as the services we provide are a legacy of previous generations. The Endowment Fund has been formed with $50,000 in legacy donations already received. Our hope is that this fund will continue to grow as one part of our strategic objective to continue to fund the ideas, dreams, and vision of future generations.

Our vision is to build stronger communities by putting our faith into action.

Leaving A Legacy

Why an Endowment Fund?

The Endowment Fund, which was established in 2022, is part of helping to secure the financial future of Windsor Park in good and bad times.

How will the Endowment Fund do that?

The cost of the wide range of services that Windsor Park provides to the community keeps increasing. Funds received by the Endowment Fund will be invested for the future and the earnings from those investments (after an assessment of an appropriate CPI adjustment to ensure the capital fund does not decline in real value) will help offset the increased demands on the church’s financial resources.

Who will manage the Funds?

The members of Windsor Park Baptist Church are ultimately entrusted with oversight of this fund, however day-to-day management will be delegated to the Elders and a specific investment team (including the Finance Manager) who will manage the secure investment of the capital fund, via approved investment fund managers. This team will also manage the distribution of the earnings.

How can I help secure Windsor Park’s future?

You can do this by making either one-off or regular tax-rebatable donations to Windsor Park’s Endowment Fund, or by adding a bequest in your will to the fund. No matter how large or small, a donation and/or bequest will help build the capital fund and help secure the future of our Church. Importantly, your help will ensure Windsor Park continues to nurture and support future generations of your family and the wider community.

Donations qualify for tax rebates in the same way as general donations to the church.

Making Your Donation Or Bequest

Any decision in relation to your Will must always consider the needs of your family first. We strongly suggest you consult your family and obtain independent legal advice before making any decisions.

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The bank account number of the Windsor
Park Endowment Fund is 02-0120-0110554-03.