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Life groups are the perfect place to grow in your faith, meet new people, and have a lot of fun! Keen to join one? Check out our current life groups below, find one that suits your season of life, and inquire to get connected in.

There's A Life Group For Everyone!

We have so many different life groups for you to connect into, from young adults through to seniors, gender specific, age & stage specific, mixed, and multi-lingual, why not check out the life groups that we have on offer and give one or two a whirl! We'd love to help you connect into a space where you can grow deeper in both your faith and in community.

Commonly Asked Questions About Life Groups:

Not quite sure what a life group is and why we recommend connecting into one? Check out some common questions and answers regarding life groups below:

What do you do in a life group?

Every life group is unique. Some groups discuss and unpack our church sermons, others delve into different Bible studies together, some groups are catered specifically to an age or stage of life, etc.
Some groups will meet weekly, others fortnightly and some monthly. Some groups will kick off their night with tea, coffee or dinner, others meet at lunch, others enjoy dessert together, and some simply delve straight in.

To find out more details about what a specific group looks like, simply click on the relevant group to read their blurb and to find out more. You will also find out who facilitates/runs the group, when and where they meet, and any additional info worth noting.

The things that you will find that every life group share in common are a desire to connect with others, journeying alongside one-another in life & faith, a safe space to share your thoughts and ask questions, and the desire to delve deeper into our faith.

Can I change groups after attending one?

Yes of course! You can try out as many life groups as you’d like – we want you to find the space and people that you connect with best, so that you can grow deeper, together.

What do I do if I can't find a group for me?

Get in touch with our team via the form below! We would love to hear what kind of group you’re seeking to connect into, and will work with you to make it happen where possible.

I'm interested in leading a group, what should I do next?

Amazing! We’d love to journey along side you in this, equipping & resourcing you with tools to create an environment where your group will thrive. Simply fill out the form below, let us know that you’d like to start a life group with any relevant info (what type of group, when/where/how often would you meet, who would the group be for and what would it involve/look like) and our team will be in touch with the next steps to take.

What if I have other questions, suggestions or thoughts?

Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you and assist where possible. Simply fill out the form below.

What Our People Think About Life Groups:

Here's a couple of reasons our people love to connect into life groups, check out their thoughts below:


"I enjoy being a part of a life group because it's great to connect with people who are in a similar life stage, where we navigate the highs and lows of life, working on growing in our faith together."


"I love that life groups are a space to go deeper together, asking the burning questions that are on our mind, sharing our experiences with one-another, and encouraging each other in all seasons of life."


"Home (life) groups are an amazing way to connect with people and a safe place where we can talk about what God is doing in our lives, coming together in fellowship to worship God and understand His word, diving deeper into understanding more about Him and what He did for us."

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