How Can We Pray For You?

'They all joined together constantly in prayer...' Acts 1:14

Here at Windsor Park we’re big believers that there is power in prayer! We believe that prayer helps connect us to God and helps God connect with us.

If you have any prayer requests, or praise reports, that you'd like to submit to our Prayer Wall for our team to pray over, simply click on the button below on Our Prayer Wall - you can select whether you'd like your request displayed or prayed over privately (and in confidence) by our Prayer Team, and can also opt to post it anonymously if you'd prefer.

You can view some commonly asked questions about prayer, and access our online Prayer Wall below.

What Is Prayer?

Prayer is simply communicating with God. God is all about relationship and the biggest part of any relationship is communication. There are two parts to communication; talking and listening. In prayer we learn to do both. We talk to God about anything and everything and we spend time getting to know the various ways God talks to us.

What Type Of Prayer Is Available At Windsor Park?

We have a few ways to engage with prayer at Windsor Park.  Every Sunday after each church service there are people available to pray with you (they will wear red lanyards and will sit at the front of the church after the service finishes). There are opportunities during the week to gather to pray, and we offer prayer ministry on request. We encourage you to find a prayer partner and to deepen your own prayer life through regular creative prayer times. To find out more about prayer opportunities at Windsor Park, contact us at

How Does The Prayer Wall Work?

The Prayer Wall is an online space to submit/view prayer requests and praise reports. This is a space that is accessible and available 24/7, where people from our community can support one another in lifting up the prayer needs of others in our community, and celebrating the praise reports submitted.

Users of our Prayer Wall can opt to submit their requests anonymously if they would prefer, or can opt to send in a prayer request or praise report that is not posted and only followed up in confidence by our Prayer Team.

To view our Prayer Wall keep scrolling down on this page. To submit a prayer request or praise report, simply click on the ‘ADD A PRAYER REQUEST’ button on the Prayer Wall.

All submissions go through an approval process (in order to keep this space safe!), which may take up to 72 hours. Please be patient with us in this.

In Need Of Additional Care Support?

If you have any other care needs please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Care Team via the Care section on our website or by emailing

Our Prayer Wall

Prayer requests and praise reports from within our community, and beyond. Submit your request via the button below: