Walking Alongside Individuals & Families Impacted By Addiction & Trauma

STAND is a ministry for people who are experiencing trauma and addiction, either themselves, or as a support person helping loved ones in the midst of it. We're a place for education, healing and discipleship - where our focus is on the person, not the addiction.

“The question is not ‘why the addiction?’
It’s ‘why the pain?’”
—Dr. Gabor Mate

Who We Are & What We're About

Our focus is not on treating the addictions—it’s on treating the person.

Treating addiction focuses on behavioural modification and the evidence is ‘clean time’. The method is medical and legal intervention which are band aid solutions. Treating the person focuses on healing the pain inside your heart and the trauma in your mind and body. The method is therapeutic discipleship. The evidence is walking in your God-given purpose which is a life-changing solution.

Addiction is a symptom of trauma, a response to toxic
stress, and a developmental learning condition. Healing
trauma is key to complete recovery.

We 100% Understand Where You Are At

To the one struggling in recovery...

Is recovery a struggle and are you still experiencing ongoing pain? Do you feel lost after treatment? Do you need a good group of people to do life with at your own pace? We offer you intensive trauma-informed education and healing, a safe space to explore your passion and find your life purpose.

To the family we call ‘loved ones’...

Do you feel powerless watching someone you love in pain self-destruct over and over again? Are you confused as to why they suffer from addiction or have trauma? We offer to provide you with education, guidance, and your own healing on this hard journey.

To the church we call ‘facilitators’...

Are you wondering what your giftings and purpose are? Rediscover your calling through radical discipleship, seek to understand human suffering within addiction and trauma, and become part of the solution in your community. Get in touch to find out more.

How It Works

Recovery Space

• classroom environment
• 6-month curriculum during school hours
• group therapy & root-cause therapy
• student-centered experiential learning
• biopsychosocial model of healing
• discipleship coaching
• peer-to-peer therapeutic community
• individual intensive trauma healing
• waitlists are available

Family Space

• 12-week curriculum
• counseling available on request
• trauma-informed education
• addiction education
• ongoing support and guidance
• discipleship framework
• waitlists are available

“Put on the full armour of God and stand firm in truth, righteousness, peace, faith, and salvation.
—Ephesians 6:10-18

Real People. Real Lives.

Check out some testimonials from people who have experienced the life-changing freedom that this course can bring:


"This process helped me deal with issues from my past that were so deeply rooted I was not conscious of them. I am now free from addiction and have a strong faith. My family has been restored, I have completed a degree and now run a small church."


"I thought I had issues with drugs and alcohol, until this process revealed a long list of trauma. I was safe confronting my pain as the community was compassionate, empathetic and understanding. I am now free from addiction, married with 3 kids, completed a nursing degree and live with an understanding of my triggers and what to do."


"I worked under Emily for years in therapeutic community and witnessed lives transformed by her wisdom and gift of communication. Emily empowered me and gave me purpose that explored my giftings and it has changed my life."

Meet Our Director

I’m a Pastor & Missionary kid. I grew up all over the world. I suffered from addiction in Auckland for 13 years. I have suffered from mental health and trauma. I had toxic relationships. I had eating disorders. I made a lot of mistakes and I really understand pain. I did rehab in Australia. I served a discipleship ministry for a decade. I was a General Manager helping hundreds of people heal from trauma and addiction. I teach, I preach, I disciple, I counsel, and above all I serve humanity. I have my undergraduate study in Ministry and Theology. I am currently studying my Masters in Health Sciences. I am a mum. I am in my 40’s. I love learning. I love helping people. I love Jesus. I value respect, passion and faith. My name is Emily Duncan, the Director of STAND.


Director of STAND

Registration of Interest

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