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We're here for you and we care for you! Here at Windsor Park we're passionate about journeying alongside people through all seasons of life, in a myriad of ways.

Our Care Team is made up of a wonderful array of staff and volunteers who provide support for people who are hurting or in any need of care. We offer holistic care opportunities from the practical to the emotional, mental and spiritual. We treat every person with kindness and confidentiality, and ensure you're supported beyond just this season.

In partnership with the Windsor Park LifeCare Trust, and with support from Equip and the Windsor Park Hub Ltd. we're able to offer care in many forms, from pregnancy support through to funerals, mental health resourcing & care, financial services, family support, youth mentoring, addiction & trauma courses, counselling and more. If you have a care need, fill out the form below and we'll be in contact to assist where we can.

We provide a wide range of services, treating every person and situation individually with love, grace and confidentiality. We listen, we pray, we love and we encourage. We'd love to care for you. Check out some of the care services we provide below:

Addiction & Trauma Support

STAND is a ministry for people who are experiencing trauma and addiction, either themselves, or as a support person helping loved ones in the midst of it. We're a place for education, healing and discipleship - where our focus is on the person, not the addiction.

Start The Journey

Faith-based counselling where you can receive confidential help and support through all the challenges of life from professionally-trained accredited counsellors.

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Family Law Clinic

A free initial consultation of 30 minutes if you need help with any family law issue. Our dedicated team of family lawyers are able to provide advice and guidance on separation, pre-nuptials, parenting issues such as guardianship and contact, domestic violence, adoption or permanent placement for foster families.

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Family Separation Support

We run PowerUp, a dynamic programme for children whose parents have separated or are going through the process of separation and divorce. This course aims to help children work through these changes in a healthy way leading to increased levels of positivity and resilience.

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Financial Support

We want to help you be in control of your financial situation. We offer a CAP Money Course where you can learn to budget, spend and save well, as well as a Debt Management Centre.

Become Financially Secure
Food Support

From compassionate catering to food parcels, fresh produce and more, if you have a food need, please reach out and we'll try our best to assist.

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Mental Wellbeing

1 in 2 New Zealanders will experience mental illness or distress. You are not alone and there is support for you. Through Equip you can access a range of support networks and programmes.

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Pastoral Care

Through Pastoral Care we offer prayer, faith-conversations, visits (and phone calls), and connections and referrals to our other services. We're here to support and journey alongside you through the highs & lows of life.

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Pregnancy Support

A safe space to consider your pregnancy options. Haven is a space for women, men and families to find information and get support when facing an unintended pregnancy, baby loss or post termination.

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Solo Mum Support

We offer a range of support networks for women parenting solo. From quarterly nights out for single/separated mothers, to practical support, emotional care & encouragement, and more. We'd love to journey alongside you!

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Spiritual Direction

A range of opportunities for spiritual growth, including weekend retreats, quiet days for reflection and reconnection, one-on-one conversations and prayer.

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Youth Work

Enhancing local youth well-being and empowering youth leaders by fostering collaboration between local schools and communities. We provide youth workers to mentor and build relationships with at-risk youth at a local intermediate and high school.

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