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Food Support For Every Season

Our food support services are a way to share the love during the toughest seasons people in our communities are experiencing. Whether it's financial burdens, sickness, loss of loved ones, or something else entirely, our food support services are here to offer a top up of your pantry, fresh produce to help get you by, and delicious meals for when times are tough. Find out more about our food services below and get in touch if there's a way that we can support you!

Food Parcels / Food Bank

Our Food Bank is kept stocked to offer non-perishable food boxes to those in need of pantry staples to help get them by. If you are in need of a food parcel, reach out to our team via the form below and we will be in touch to see how we can best assist. Please let us know the size/make up of your family so that we can best understand your food needs. Our Food Bank is open 9am-1pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Fresh Produce / Kiwi Harvest

We partner with Kiwi Harvest (with input from our local college and our own garden) to provide fresh produce to our community every Wednesday in Café Windsor. We never know how much or what we will receive each week, however there’s generally always a good selection of produce where you can choose and take home the items you and your family will enjoy. Our doors are open at 11am, so you are most welcome to come then, and enjoy a cuppa and a chat while you wait. Please bring a couple of bags.

Pre-Made Meals / Compassionate Catering

We have an incredible team of volunteers who prepare frozen meals for individuals and families in times of sickness, crisis, bereavement or stress, to help lift the burden of cooking from your plate and to ensure you and your loved ones stay nourished in the tougher seasons of life. If you’d appreciate some compassionate catering meals, or you know of someone who could, reach out to our team via the form below.

How Can I Support The Food Services At Windsor Park?

We can’t provide the food support that we do without your generosity and help! There’s three ways that you can support our food services: 1. financial contributions, 2. donated food, 3. you can join our compassionate catering team and help prep and make our frozen meals. If you’re in a position to support us in any of these ways, reach out to our team via the form below, let them know how you’d like to assist and they will follow up with details on the next steps to take. Every little bit makes a big difference, thank you for your support!

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