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Exploring Christianity Together

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions compiled into a course that explores the basics of the Christian faith.

Each session looks at a different question and is designed to create conversations. Alpha is a safe space to explore Christianity, ask questions, participate in discussions and chat about life’s big questions together.

What Can I Expect?

Alpha is a 10 week interactive course taking place one evening per week where we gather together to explore the basics of Christian faith. Anyone is welcome to join.

Dinner or Dessert

Our Alpha course always has a component of food to it! Whether it's dinner or dessert, we love the way food brings us together, so come along and enjoy sharing a meal or dessert together with us. We cater for dietary requirements where possible.

Alpha Video

Each Alpha session is designed to explore a particular aspect of faith in Jesus. These sessions are presented through a short engaging video, professionally put together and filmed around the world - highlighting different cultures and experiences.


Alpha is a safe space intentionally created for open discussion, where there's no pressure and no questions are off limits. During our discussions we'll unpack the video session, sharing our thoughts, views and experiences together.

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