What is next steps?

Welcome! We are thrilled that you are considering what Next Steps you can take!

Next Steps is designed for you. To help you grow in your faith and connect into Windsor Park Baptist.

This course has been made available online so that you can connect in with us sooner. There are three steps in this course. 

heart1) The Heart of Windsor Park

Here we explain what Windsor is about. How we function as a church & what we feel God has called us to be in our community.

Cross2) How has God wired you? 

This is where we take time to coach you through the process of exploring your Spiritual gifts, passions and personality. Using this as a guide we work with you to see how it can be utilised in your work vocation and to serve somewhere – all to build a sense of God’s purpose in your life.

Paper (Hand)3) Where do you fit best?      

Focuses on how and where can use your unique gifts and talents to serve in the community. You will meet our pastors and staff who will help advise the best next move for you as you listen to where God is calling you.

Want to get an insight into what Next Steps is all about? Check out the video below: