Are you keen to take the next step in your faith? Maybe you’re new to faith and you’d like to learn more about Jesus? Perhaps you’re ready to be baptized? Maybe you’ve decided to become a member at Windsor Park? Whatever your next step, we’re excited for you and are eager to journey alongside you. Let us know what Next Step you’d like to take, fill out the form and we will be in touch!


    Christianity Explored is a seven-session course that gives people the time and space to think about the big questions of life and to explore the life of the man at the heart of the Christian faith. Explore Christianity in the comfort of your home.

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    Dedicating children to God is a number of things: an acknowledgement of thanks and gratitude to God for the gift of your child; a public testimony of your commitment to raising your child in a way that honours God and honours the child; an outward expression of an inward desire to grow the faith of your child to a stage where they are able to make their own commitment to Jesus as their Saviour; and acknowledgement of the parents responsibility before God to develop a home life conducive to love and security; and a chance to be prayed for so that all these things might happen!

    If you would like to dedicate your child, or would simply like to find out more, click here.


    Being a Baptist church, we’re big believers in baptism by immersion! 

    Baptism is a public statement of faith and obedience that symbolises your commitment to place Jesus in the centre of your life; it can be described as an outward symbol of an inward commitment.

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    What is Membership? We’re glad you asked! Membership is agreeing to our Members Pledge, vowing to keep growing and participating in the local church. Membership is pledging to stick with and commit to Windsor Park, intentionally choosing to contribute and be part of our Windsor Park community.

    Members work together to discern what Jesus is saying to our community and how we should respond together to the challenges in front of us; depending on each other and committing to living in a way that makes people take notice.

    If Membership is something that you would like to commit to or find out more about, click here.