Forgotten Father’s

August 24 - 26 2023  |  Windsor Park Baptist Church

550 East Coast Road, Mairangi Bay, Auckland, New Zealand

This August Focus on the Family is hosting “Forgotten Fathers, an event dedicated to Hope and Healing after Abortion for men. This event is being held in conjunction with the Buttons Project and Rachel’s Vineyard. This is a space for any men who have experiences with abortion, or men and women in pastoral, medical or counselling/support type roles.

The hope for this event is that people will be more informed about the impact of abortion grief, regret and loss, to be equipped and to have resources on hand. Men naturally process abortion loss differently, and this event is starting the conversation so that we can bring understanding, and open the door for healing. This event is taking place on August 24th – 26th at Windsor Park Baptist Church. It’s a free event, but a koha is welcome. The exhibition showcases stories of hope and healing from both Rachel’s Vineyard, and the Buttons Project, including art pieces.

Thursday: 7pm-8.30pm Forgotten Fathers Official Opening. Karakia and Welcome. Exhibition on display.

Friday: 9.30am Workshops. Keynote Speaker Greg Mayo (Almost Daddy) livestream from USA, Carolina Gnad – Web of Influence for Men, Wendy Hill – Disenfranchised Grief, Marina Young – Buttons Project. Men’s stories of abortion and healing.

Saturday: Exhibition Day. Buttons Project and Rachel’s Vineyard display the heart of this kind of grief through pieces of art that reflect loss through abortion. Friday speakers available for further information.

Our Guest Speaker is Greg Mayo, a member of the Support After Abortion Men’s Task Force USA, and an award-winning writer, speaker, podcast host, and author of Almost Daddy and its accompanying 12-Step recovery guide for healing after abortion. His work focuses on helping people find forgiveness, healing, and grace.

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